Stretching classes- donations go to Hurricane & Fire victims


Stretching classes starting in November/2017.
Monday's & Wednesday's 6:45-7:30pm and Thursdays 6:30-7:15am
More classes available by appointment.
100% of donations go to those affected by recent hurricanes and fires!

Please join us!  No experience necessary. All stretches are personalized to your level and ability.  We teach simple, easy to follow stretches from gentle yoga, tai chi, qigong and functional stretching programs.
Call.  Text or email for more info. 801-556-5964 *
4010 South 2700 East in Holladay Utah.
*Bring a small towel, water bottle and mat.

Starts November 1, 2017:
Wednesday 11/01/17 - 6:45-7:30pm
Thursday 11/02/17 - 6:30-7:15am
Sunday 11/05/17 - 9:15-10am
Monday 11/06/17 - 6:45-7:30pm
Wednesday 11/08/17 - 6:45-7:30pm
Thursday 11/09/17 - 6:30-7:15am
Saturday 11/11/17 - 8-8:45am

Tai Chi Qigong tshirts and hoodies for sale!
All $ goes to support The Healer Within Foundation.  Click HERE to order.

Interested in learning Tai Chi &/or Qigong? Want to help those affected by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma? Donations for this class go to Hurricane Relief.
Learn Tai Chi Easy, Medical Qigong and Inner Alchemy:
Promoting good health is easy when you use Tai Chi Easy™
for managing stress, and cultivating and nourishing your vital energy.
Tai Chi Easy™ is a carefully developed method and approach to Tai Chi and Qi (Chi) Cultivation that makes it easy, beneficial and fun from the very beginning.The student does not have to devote years to learning the traditional 108 movement form or even the shortened (24, 36, 42 movement) form to enjoy the calming emotional and health benefits of Tai Chi (Taiji).
Tai Chi Easy™ is not "just" an exercise program that uses gentle activities to increase joint flexibility, circulation, range of motion and to maintain muscle strength. As a practice that Harvard calls "medication in motion," the slow movements and mindset of Tai Chi can be used to manage stress levels by creating a a heightened sense of self awareness, mindfulness, empowerment and choice. The mind-body practices of Tai Chi Easy™ soothe and rewire the nervous system and increase cognitive and brain plasticity. Learn more about the actual practice and components of Tai Chi Easy™.
Research is confirming that Tai Chi and Qigong, Chinese wellness practices for Mind-Body health, prevent and heal disease and relieve pain.
Join us & help those affected by the recent hurricanes!
Everyone receives a FREE book:  'The Healing Power of Qi' by Dr. Roger Jahnke
Click for Free book.

FIRST CLASS WEDNESDAY 9/20/17 outdoors at Holladay Lions Recreation Center
6:30-7:30pm. No experience necessary. Park & meet on north side of recreation center.
This is donation class.  Pay what you can.  All $ goes to hurricane relief.
No experience necessary.

The 5 Best Exercises-according to Harvard.

Please enjoy this article:

Click this link The 5 Best Exercises for a Healthy Body for full article.

For guidance on how to develop a personalized exercise program, please contact one of PTZ's Trainers.

Download FREE E-book by Dr. Roger Jahnke click HERE

How Tai Chi Makes You Stronger

How Tai Chi Makes You Stronger
TIME Magazine article by Amanda Macmillan 

In today’s world of high-intensity fitness fads, one might wonder whether tai chi—characterized by its slow, deliberate movements—is a worthwhile workout. But the ancient Chinese practice has been linked to myriad health benefits, from improved immunity to lower blood pressure to reduced inflammation. Now, a new review of research says it may help older people avoid dangerous falls, as well.

For complete article and video, click this link.

Summer Solstice Tai Chi Qigong Hike

THE HIKE ON JUNE 20, 2017 HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR JUNE 27, 2017 AT 7pm. Same location.

Please join us Tuesday June 20th at 7pm at Neff's Canyon Trailhead for Chi Hiking & walking meditation. Click on Tai Chi Qigong on this website for more details:
Summer is the season of longer days of sunlight and abundant of life-force energy (Qi). In Chinese Medicine, Summer is the most YANG or ACTIVE aspect of Nature - where plant life grows, flourishes and bears fruit. 

Take advantage of Nature's Summer Qi Power to support you! 

In the Northern Hemisphere, we experience Summer Solstice -- the longest day of light, on June 21st. 

You may like to do a Qigong Solstice Day Ritual 

  1. Stand barefoot on the earth or your patio and out stretch your arms to the sky. 
  2. Now imagine, or feel if you can, pulling in the sunlight — super Yang Qi -- while tracing your hands down over your head, your heart and your entire body down to legs to your feet — infusing your organs and energy centers with fresh Qi of nature. 
  3. Fill, bask and bath yourself in Light Qi! Take in and release huge deep breaths. 
  4. Repeat this 2 or more times. 
  5. Now the most important part — notice with great focus — what are you feeling?
  6. Linger, celebrate!
Now, Looking at your Circle of Life
What area of your life would benefit from more Light and Energy? 
What would support you to THRIVE -- rather than just survive? 
What is one action step you're willing to commit to that would expand your Joy, Life Fulfillment or Well-Being? 
Best to schedule your ONE action step --Right NOW!

Choose Foods to Clear the Heat

Summer is the perfect time for cooling Yin foods. Chinese Medicine classifies food according to energetic qualities of temperature, taste, and the ability to strengthen the body. Food with cool/cold properties can clear heat, reduce toxins, and generate body fluids. Fish and seafood are cooling, while red meat and chicken are warming.
Select fresh fruits and vegetables from your local farmers market or your backyard garden, such as watermelon, peaches, cantaloupes, radishes, lettuce, kale, celery, tomatoes and spinach. Avoid spicy foods, alcohol, or caffeine as they are heating to the system. Drink plenty of cooling fluids, especially hydrating drinks such as coconut water or water with lemon or cucumber slices added. Watermelon is also very hydrating and cooling.


Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) is designed to motivate children to be active, build confidence, and manage the spectrum of emotions that they experience in their day-to-day activities.  KAY is stress management for kids! KAY is a fun program with fun and original music, and all of the traditional benefits of yoga: meditation, breathing techniques, peace and deep relaxation. The KAY system creates experience for children to both introduce them to yoga as well as inspire them to develop a practice and give them tools to take into adulthood.  
TAUGHT BY Sarah Bly 502-727-7308 *
Call, text or email for more info & to register your kids!  Or go to Sarah's website- click HERE

LOCATION:  Elite Dance Studio #3
                    4020 South 2700 East
                    Holladay,  Utah. 


June 6 1-1:45 preschool/pre-k
     2-3 Kindergarten-2nd

June 8 12:30-1:15 Preschool/pre-k

June 14 1-1:45 preschool/pre-k
        2-3 kindergarten-2nd

June 20 1-1:45 preschool/pre-k
              2-3 Kindergarten-2nd

June 22 12:30-1:30 Kindergarten-2nd

10,000 Steps per day - Activity Conversion Chart

How Active are you?

Very Inactive- 2,500 steps or less per day
Inactive- 2,501-5,000 steps per day
Moderately active- 5,001-7,500 steps per day
Active- 7,501-10,000 steps per day
Very active- 10,001 steps or more per day.

Activity examples:
*TAI CHI = 3,630 steps
*Circuit Training = 5,340 steps
*Cycling 13 mph = 5,340 steps 
*Dancing = 3,000 steps
*Golf (carrying clubs) = 3,660
*Golf (cart) = 2,340 steps
*Hiking (uphill) = 6,360 steps
*Pilates = 2,970 steps
*Skiing (downhill) = 3,990 
*Weight training = 3,990 steps

Source:  Healthy Utah

Tai Chi Qigong Summer 2017 Class Schedule

Millcreek Community Center
2266 East Evergreen Ave
SLC, Utah 84109
*Park on south side of building. Classes held outdoors in south east corner.

TUESDAYS:  Tai Chi Qigong Flow 6:30-7:30pm
WEDNESDAYS:  Tai Chi Qigong Flow  8:15-9:15am
THURSDAYS:  Tai Chi Qigong Flow 6-7am
                           Tai Chi 24 Form Practice 6:30-7:30pm
FRIDAYS:  Stretching Flow 5:15-6:15pm
SATURDAYS:  Tai Chi Qigong Flow 8-9am


Online and Vagaro Pro App to sign up & register for classes - COMING SOON!!!
Additional classes:  Yoga, Shakti Flow, and Zumba at:
Yin Yang Yoga (at Elite Dance Studio #3)
4020 south 2700 east
Holladay,  Utah.
Temporary website: